Saturday, June 30, 2012

Common SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

SEO is definitely not as easy as it seems, if you go wrong somewhere you are far away from success you target. SEO is an art and it should be done correctly always, you can't afford a single mistake.
Many techniques are considered beneficial for SEO, as time changes, the search engine algorithms change and so does the ranking of your website. You should be up to date with the changing trends and techniques in SEO to always get what you desire for your website.

Certain SEO techniques you should definitely avoid to as they are of no use or are the culprits for your downfall in search engine ranking.

• Wrong Title - First thing that the search engine crawlers notice is the title. Title usually explains what the page is all about. You must use the primary keyword in the title and avoid deceptive keywords. Avoid using the same title for all the pages; every page should have an exclusive title.

• Wrong selection of keywords - Choose the most profitable keyword for your website. The keyword should ideally not be based on traffic and not on conversion rate. Do not opt for keywords with high competition rate and low search volume. Use Google keyword tool to look for medium competition keywords with decent search volume. You should ideally go for long tail keywords instead of single word keywords.

• Wrong content - Your website's content should be 100% correct. Avoid using numbers, statistics or even worlds if you are not 100% sure about them. Avoid stuffing your content with keywords. Keyword density in the content should vary from 2 - 3 %.

• Spam Links - Avoid using links from dubious sources, exchanging links with bad neighborhood sites or those that are known for hosting malware. Do not get involved in SEO link buying schemes. Such practices can result in permanent banning of your website.

• Website maintenance - SEO is not a quick fix. You need to invest in SEO over and over again, at least till the time you don't have a lot of customers in your kitty. For high search engine ranking of your website you need to do competitive analysis regularly.

SEO is not rocket science and also not a piece of cake. Avoid making any such mistakes for achieving desired SEO results. All that you have to do is research well, be updated and work hard to achieve your target of higher traffic on your website.

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