Thursday, June 14, 2012

Writer's Block, Lack of Inspiration, and Understanding Roadblocks

Is there anything more frustrating than sitting down to a blank page, and having it remain blank? Some may call its Writer's Block, some call it lack of inspiration. Either way, it's a road block everyone who enjoys writing, has to face from time to time.

Luckily in my own blog, I don't have a niche, as least I say lucky. Being able to write about anything and everything that comes to mind, has a definite freedom about it. I just have to worry about the quality of the article, and if it stacks up to the other articles I've posted. That being said, there is a small hindrance of not having a target subject to write about, which probably limits my true readership in a way...

But even I, with all the subjects in the world to write about, still hit that wall, and can't think of something to write.

In my life, I try to surround myself with aesthetics, as it were. I've always tried to collect things that inspire me, and the collection on my desk is a motley assortment of things from all over the place. From Spawn, to Star Wars, to Garfield, to Hello Kitty's friend Joey, everywhere I look I can find something that gives me a memory or a smile.

But as everyone knows, ambiance isn't enough to spark the mood, there has to be the initial catalyst of an idea. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with the subject of Writer's Block. I know I could do a far better job at writing down spontaneous ideas throughout the day, but alas, I commonly forget those small strokes of genius.

But writing things down is a wonderful way to begin getting past lack of inspiration. Even if it doesn't lead to the article you originally planned, that idea you had about cooking something a different way might inspire you to think about how to write a better article about drawing a sketch using a different format than pencil. That's how inspiration works, it's a beautiful muse that will morph into what you need it to, when you need it to.

I can definitely say, that Writer's Block, is the only challenge in this world I have truly hated. Many people have tried to write many things about how to get beyond it, and in all honesty, there is no way to get past it, beyond stepping back from the page, and thinking about something else. One has to get out of the mind set of frustration to allow thoughts to flow freely onto the page.

One of the first rules of writing is to never force it. Allow the words to simply bleed out. Its very easy to bleed, and its very easy to write. I find, the best way past coming up with a subject to write about, is to start thinking a bit more random. Think outside your box, ask yourself questions that you've always wondered about, and then think up the best answer.

I'm finding blogging to be the best freedom I've ever expressed, and in that vein, I can sit back and enjoy it better, knowing that it is true freedom of expression. I can say anything that I want, anything at all. And if I do it well enough, people will want to read it. So simply breath, step back for a moment, and think about the way in which air flows throughout a room, completely unseen, yet with currents and ebbs and tides. All the molecules mixing together, and how they all simply... float. Come back to the blank page later, it will still be there, trust me. And when inspiration does hit... you and it will be more than ready to express something well worth reading.

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