Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blogger Review

Blog writing is a preoccupation of many internet writers today. Whether it is associated with a website, or it is about some personal blog, this activity can engage your customers into your activity or niche. People share interesting materials on their blogs that compel with the audience and they are engaged in communication. It is the common way, which many people are using for promoting their goods and services. This is a common internet marketing practice today. Blog writing and article writing are not so different, and for a good blog, you will need both of them.

You can find plenty of blogging websites on the web. Amongst many of those sites, the name of Blogger.com is famous, especially because it is a Google service. This blogging site has been offering the opportunity to make a blog of your own, without spending a dime, and to communicate with people by sharing whatever you feel like sharing. Once you add some nice features and a clean interface, the rest of your work is mainly composed of writing good SEO articles for your web page.

Building blogging community

Blogger has a number of features to offer that allow you to create a community around your website. The site-wide commenting features allow the visitors to post their opinions, as well as feedback on what you have posted. You can freely edit these posts, and you can delete them too if you want. That is not all, as with Blogger, you can control the access of your blog for a certain group of users. You can also easily invite the guest bloggers to write on your blog about their interests. The free service allows the bloggers to join the large community of Blogger too, by making their profile public and by finding people having the same interests.

Site designing with blogger

With blogger, you can have complete control over the design of your website. You can select any template available for redesigning your website, using certain graphics and codes. With this feature, you can blend in your blog with any existing website, and you can make your blog brand invisible. You can even customize the look of the template that you have chosen.

Easy blog posting

The interface for posting content is extremely simple. The procedure of posting is quick too. You can easily upload pictures with your blog posts. Other than this, you can also use your mobile phone to send images and posts to your blog. It is a great facility to have access to your managing panel of the blog, and this is another reason why Blogger is so popular.

How to get started?

The process of starting a blog is quite easy. All you have to do is to sign-up for www.Blogger.com, and then to follow the step-by-step procedure. You can get into Blogger simply, with your Google account. After you have signed up, the next thing you need to do is to name your site and choose a domain for it. Then, you are required to select the template and your blog is officially ready to be posted online.

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