Saturday, July 14, 2012

Find Words Of Motivation In The World Around You

There are a great many words of motivation available from some great authors and speakers that tell you how to achieve the life you have always wanted. However I believe there are things you can do right now to improve your situation without radically changing your habits.

There are always positive influences close to you where you are: you only have to be aware of them. Cherish all your relationships and you will find that virtually all your family and friends love you but show it in different ways. You just have to understand how they show it. Be like a prospector sifting gold from water and find the love and motivation that exists in what the people around you say or do. There are plenty of words of motivation to be found.

Really what it needs is for you to change the way you see the world around you and to decide to enjoy what you have. Then you can use that foundation to push for the life of your dreams.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand is what you can change and what you cannot. You may have heard of the serenity prayer but it is still worth repeating here as it is so true: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference."

Every day the media pump out negative stories that are frankly of no use to us whatsoever. Most of what we see or hear in the news we have absolutely no influence over, so why bother with it?

The truth is we are here to make the best of our own lives, then help those close to you and influence your immediate local community. In my opinion it is worth staying away from politics until you have to make a decision to vote. The vast majority of talk in political circles is of no use to us, is generally corrosive and negative and will not provide any words of motivation we need.

Sadly, as a result of the pervasive effect of the media, many people today seem to live life as if they are starring in some television drama. The media have to show material we would find entertaining and so include stress and confrontation not really found in real life. You are in control of your life and influence just how much drama you have in it.

I would even suggest avoiding most if not all newspapers and television to lessen the negativity it brings into your life. Take it from me, you will survive: actually, you will thrive.

But there are ways to find positive influences too. Find reasons to laugh. I am not suggesting you laugh at other people' s pain but rather find the fun in the ridiculous situations we get into day to day. Laughing at silly scenarios will often disperse any friction and reduce the stress better than any words of motivation. If things get tough then you could consider sitting down and watching a comedy film such as one of the Carry On movies or Naked Gun. The world will certainly seem a better place.

Sometimes things will get tough and you cannot do anything about it. On such occasions you just need to understand that nothing is permanent and that the sun rises on a new day every morning.

I also find inspiration in the beauty of the world around me. Get out into nature and you will find your worries fade into obscurity and you will get a balanced perspective on life. On one occasion I was sat on the summit of a mountain in the English Lake District and was struck by the fact I was above all man's silly concerns and sat in the bright sunshine. But you can also choose to enjoy the spectacular clouds and rainbows the rain brings. Sometimes even the feel of rain on your face can be delightful.

We can all be childlike in our appreciation of the beauty around us and the peace that will bring to us.

In Britain over the last twelve months we have had many reasons to see the positive in our lives. In 2011 we had the spectacular wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William and then this year the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. Following that were the incredible successes of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. Some people complain about the expense of such events but in reality they provide countless words of motivation, inspiration and strength for those who are prepared to receive them.

Enjoy all the sources of positive energy that are freely available to us in life. Open yourself to the pageantry, the beauty, the timelessness and the love in so many things around us and you will find your life opening up like a flower. Happiness and the foundation of greater success will become that much more available to you.

"Seek the highest Good, and as you find it, as you practice it and realise it, you will taste the deepest, sweetest joy."

- James Allen

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