Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Write Articles With Oomph

How to Write Articles - In this article, we will learn how to write articles that get read, or as I look to call it - Articles with Oomph.

You know when you pick up a great piece of fiction right before you go to sleep. You are really tired and your eyes want to close when you start but the book is calling to you pick to it up and, even though you want to fall asleep and your body and mind is telling you that the day is over, you are forced to continue reading.

If you just get through this one section, then you will be satisfied, but wait, you finish that section and now there are cliffhangers for the next section.

A well constructed article can do the same thing and can keep you engaged for longer than you expected. When the article takes you to a different place, where you can get lost in the prose, you know you did a great job.

Well, you are probably not going to be the next Stephen King but the tips below will give you the best chance of creating articles that have a little bit of kick to them -

Write in small paragraphs - We are going to start with the easy one here. The mind and the eye have a lot of challenges reading large paragraphs unless the text is absolutely amazing. Let's assume that your text is not going to be absolutely amazing, so give the reader a chance to get through it by breaking up the paragraphs a little bit to make it easier not he reader.

Let the reader know what you are going to deliver, over deliver, and surprise them - The reader is reading your article because they want to get something out of the article. Give them what they are looking for, give them a little more and give them a little surprise as well. A story or a funny related anecdote will do the trick and satisfy the surprise element. You can also break up different sections and thoughts. In other words, keep them guessing, but just a little bit.

Keep practicing and you will get a feel for what works - There is no magic formula that will allow you to be successful. Keep practicing your craft and what will happen is that you will pick up things that you can implement that will have you getting better and getting better rapidly. You will pick up subconscious clues that work and, all of sudden your boring work will turn into great work.

Writing articles with oomph is fun and the journey can be extremely liberating.

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