Saturday, September 15, 2012

All About Having a 'Lens' on Squidoo

Squidoo is a platform for those publishers who like to offer web content services and for those whom would like to share their interests publicly. Squidoo is not like any other website where people dump their work; it is a very different website that appreciates good content. A person who writes article on Squidoo has to develop a page first which is called 'Lens'. An article can also be called a 'Lens' on Squidoo. The website is named strategically, and every article writer has a nickname of 'Squid', but they are officially called 'LensMasters'.

Squidoo allows writers to publish and to add website contents by writing on various topics, but guidelines need to be followed. When a user intends to join Squidoo, the most important thing he should have is the passion to write. Your areas of interest do not matter as long as you like to write. The articles can be about anything, ranging from food to fashion. All that matters is that the article is interesting and it must offer quality website contents. Some guidelines need to be followed strictly, and spamming is not allowed. This makes the website spam free and allows readers and publishers to have a decent environment at their disposal to make money and to create valuable content.

Squidoo is useful for people whom use internet marketing. Squidoo is also recognized by many reputable search engines, such as Google, which gives a lot of help to the internet marketers. If someone posts relevant articles on Squidoo, there is a high chance that Google would rank it highly, making it available to a larger audience. Therefore, if you are trying to promote your website with Squidoo, you will probably end up at a higher rank in search engines if you write articles and you promote those appropriately. Squidoo also allows backlinks, which can help a lot if you target relevant and high quality content. Squidoo does have a marketing advantage, but that does not mean it is of use only to the internet marketers. It can also be used by people who love to write, read, and to share high quality content. Squidoo allows this all without charges and also gives an opportunity of earning some money out of it.

With Squidoo, you can also build your own page and you can give it your own customized look. You can either choose the theme of lenses to be professional, or casual as per your choices. By having your own page on Squidoo, you can easily post high quality content, and you can see your page rank higher in the search engines. The type of page you create, and the quality of content that you publish is all that will determine how much potential you have to earn from it.

Squidoo has forums that are highly active, and that contribute a lot towards the knowledge and information of the individuals. Squidoo is also active with many charity programs and contributes to them generously. You also have an option to contribute part of your earnings to charity but that is totally up to you. With a user-friendly interface, and with an easy-to-use platform, Squidoo is a great platform for writers, and it is definitely better than its competitors are.

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