Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to Become a Successful Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting can be defined as writing by a person who does not get the credit for writing. This writer is called a ghostwriter. The ghostwriter may write books, articles, stories, reports, speeches, blogs, and media content on behalf of the other person who takes the credit for the writings.

Ghostwriters are hired by executives, politicians, and celebrities to draft or edit their autobiographies, articles and speeches. Ghostwriters are also used in the film industry for writing lyrics and musical pieces. Ghostwriting can be a career for those who have a knack for writing. Even in the fine arts stream or commercial art such as comics, a number of assistants do the piece of work and the credit goes to the single artist.

Ghostwriting is an enjoyable and lucrative career as long as one works hard researching and has an extensive vocabulary. The ghostwriter should be mentally prepared that in spite of all the time and hard work that is put into their writing, the credit will go to somebody else. The ghostwriter will get the agreed money for the work done but no recognition of their name.

Ghostwriting or 'ghosting', as it is called now, requires a lot of hard work and patience. The ghostwriter has to do some research and gather the relevant information for the article. The ghostwriter is in a position of trust. This trust should never be broken and the person you are writing for should never be let down. Do not share or discuss any ideas or information with anyone who is not involved in the project. Remember this job is being done for an agreed amount of money. Occasionally there may be a copyright or royalty arrangement.

Ghostwriting offers one the freedom to work from home. One is not tied to the nine to five office schedules where the boss can be unhappy with the performance and one feels claustrophobic in such a work environment. With the hard financial times that all are facing right now and with the recession worsening the situation, ghostwriting is an option one can turn to.

There are various sites where one can find the job of ghostwriting. Bid for the job and begin. Initially the pay will be very low and that is more frustrating than anything else. Slowly one must build their reputation by giving high quality work and take it from there.

Soon a person will be a success with hard work and patience.

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