Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SEO Best Practices for Ghost Writers

The content of every article found on the internet is very important in acquiring search engine optimization for the site that houses it. It enables the various search engines to determine how informative and significant the article is to the readers and researchers. As such, there are several SEO best practices, which creates significance to the search engine as well as the readers who visit the sites.

The most important element in writing articles for search engine optimization is the keywords. When following SEO best practices while formulating the article, the keywords should be strategically located in various paragraphs for search engines to see the main relevance of its content.

These keywords should be very closely related and should not go beyond four percent keyword density. Keyword Density or KWD should be around one percent to four percent of the body of an article. Including far too many keywords will simply confuse the search engine.

The SEO content of each article should be highly relevant to the keywords that are utilized. When a search engine lead the readers to the article written, it should be relevant to the topic they wish to gain information on. Creating false keywords in order to lure readers into the site will only increase Search Engine Optimization temporarily. Eventually readers will take on to the scheme and will avoid following the link.

Another important element that follows SEO best practices is to cross link the pages of the site being written on. This is initially done by having an overall singular main theme amongst the pages. The keywords should be found in the other articles of the site for readers to be able to find the other pages available.

Once the cross link process has been established, it is essential to keep the articles informative and interesting. Most readers tend to leave the site within minutes of searching for what they are looking for. To keep their attention within the site, it is important to break up the articles into simple and readable text such as headlines, sub-headlines, and highlighted words.

Readers should never be left hanging after each article. Articles that follow SEO best practices should have a sense of urgency or plan of action. There is no point to reading an article that does not give any sense of action or fulfillment.

Lastly, but equally important, is to make certain that the grammar and word spelling are correct. Having grammatically wrong statements or misspelled words can utterly change the meaning and context of the article. All in all, writers should uphold responsible copywriting for optimum and lasting Search Engine Optimization.

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