Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time Management With Writing

It is important in our busy lives to schedule time in our day to write. Our blogs are a gateway for our visitors to come and interact with us on a daily or weekly basis. Time management for our writing is very important, some of us are retailers, service providers, suppliers, manufacturers or combination of industries. Why should use time management techniques for our writing exercises?

Our writing habits often take a back seat, when it comes to handling business operations. It suffers throughout the day, unless we have a day off to focus on catching up on our blogs, articles and editing. Most of us may take the completely off and relax with the family or hangout at a movie or bar. Therefore, our writing goes back on the back burner again; yet we know we need to develop our blogs and other material. Sometimes our time management skills may need a fine adjustment.

Some of us are workaholics and use every second of the day to accomplish something. Talk about premature burnout! We tend to push the limits for a variety of reasons and our writing may suffer from overzealous ambitions to "get things done". I have been this way, especially providing services for my friends but I have learned to relax and unwind. There is nothing wrong with taking a 30-minute break between projects. This style has helped me relax before doing any personal writing for my website or for a creative episode.

Is there a fine balance of managing business and writing? Yes and it can be a difficult journey at first, but once a routine is established, it becomes easier. Especially for writing blogs, articles, business proposals, editing, graphical work, SEO related material. Here are a few ideas to help build a routine:

- Set a time in the morning, afternoon, evening to write

- 1-2 hours every day to write

- Wait for 30 minutes to Edit

- Drop any issue from the day and focus

- Focus on research and developing the topic

- Develop a sound structure > Topic, supporting info.

- Experiment with point of view

- Save your work and come back tomorrow

It will take time to build up endurance for lengthy writing and distractions are always there to throw us off target. It is not your fault; everyone gets dazed by something else but try to focus on the subject and type. Editing takes place after the first draft, take some time to unwind and then come back to editing the content matter. A fresh mind will uncover errors faster than an overworked soul.

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