Monday, October 15, 2012

How To Write a Press Release

The web content services are now assaulted with requests from companies to write good articles. In an informational world where people want to be announced about every new product or service that appears in the market it is important for any writer that wants to offer complete and quality web content service to know how to write this kind of articles. Even if the title "press release" might make you think about a journalistic article, you should know that those articles are in fact marketing and promotional materials.

The companies want releases for numerous reasons. A new product, but also the financial results can be announced with news of this kind. However, the concept was adapted a little, considering the appetite of clients for this kind of web content services and now, those are some of the most important website contents.

The title and the lead

Usually, a press release talks about financial results and the evolution of profits. This is why the title must contain the idea of this evolution.

The lead of the press release must be clear, describing the initial idea from the title. For example, from the lead, you can say that the first semester brought a significant growth of profits. You can also mention that the value of the company has grown on the Stock Market,

The content

In the body of the article, you can offer other details of public interest. For example, you might say that the companies consolidated their position compared with other companies, or that the respective company reached an important market share.

It is important for a press statement to have the testimonial of an important figure of the company. Therefore, it is a good idea to offer a quote of the general manager or of the CEO of the company. In the body of the press statement, you will also have to talk about the future plans of the company: the preoccupation to find new opportunities, investments and expansion.

Then, you will have to offer general information about the market, about the value of the market, and about the incomes of the consumers. Those details must be inserted somewhere at the end of the press release, before the final paragraph.

The final paragraph must be about the company, followed by contact details and links. This type of press release is usually addressed to the specialists of the respective niche, meaning that it has to contain certain technical notions. Moreover, it might not be interesting for a large category of visitors. A good content writer is the one that is able to write an article of this kind with many technical details, but also a press release that is interesting for the average reader.

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