Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Make Money Writing Articles

Make Money Writing Articles - In this article, we are going to talk about a strategy that you can employ and that I am already beginning to employ on making money writing articles. In this article, we will share specific places where you can go and make money writing articles and, more importantly, a strategy for being successful.

Writing has been one of the most fulfilling things that I have ever done online. I have always wanted to create passive income. I loved the idea of not doing a lot of work and getting paid. I started out investing in rental properties. The concept is great. I put up some money, borrow some money and somebody else pays off the mortgage.

If I do well, I would put some money back into the pocket each month. The problem with this strategy is that one bad investment can be an emotional and financial wipeout. I am speaking from experience on this one. Then, I decided to move online and do lead generation for people looking to make money online.

I used paid traffic because it was fast. The challenge that I had with this strategy was that it became very expensive to invest in the traffic while I was learning and getting good. Although I could be profitable one day, the next day I may lose my shirt.

Then I moved into outsourcing content creation. I figured that content would be there forever and I could pay for something once and get paid on it forever. This worked and was profitable but was not very fulfilling.

Although I was learning the passive income models, it was not a passive experience. That is when I read the book, Accidental Genius and I learned about free writing. You see, I have a mind, probably like a lot of you that goes 10,000 miles an hour.

I have a lot of good ideas but my mind would not slow down long enough for me to implement any of those ideas. I found that writing would allow me to get those ideas out on paper. Even better, I could share those ideas with other people and could make money doing so.

Now, I write and I write and I write and I get compensated pretty well for it.

Below are some lessons that you may want to consider if you are attempting to make money writing articles -

Do not be stingy with your ideas - I used to have the feeling that I should not put my best work into each article and should save my best ideas for future work. This became stressful and difficult to manage. Now, I share the best ideas that are on my mind and give 100% to each article. what I find happens in this case is that as soon as I get done sharing about one idea, a new idea pops into my head immediately. There are no shortage of ideas so don't be stingy in sharing your ideas and putting your best work forward.

Learn how to re-purpose content - Write something once and you can reuse it for other purposes later. Here are a couple of ways to re-purpose content -

- Make a video based on an article that you wrote.

- Take one idea from the article and expand on that and make a completely new complementary article.

Post your content in multiple places - If you want to get a lot of eyeballs on your work, post it in many places so there is a greater chance that more people will find it. (Note: If you sell your articles to other, then do not do this. That person paid you a fair price to do work and that content is theirs and should only be theirs.)

Don't take yourself too seriously - People like to read work that is done by human beings. They would much rather be entertained and surprised and deal with a few simple errors, then to read a perfect peace of content. Have one with your work, regardless of the topic and you will find that you get better responses from those who are reading your work.

Follow the three tips above and you will be in the right state of mind to make money writing articles.

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