Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to Turn a Dull Article Into a Blockbuster

They say the internet, being what it is, is an information superhighway. And if you want a piece of the action you're going to want to feed the search engines with information relevant to your niche so people can find you, your website, and your products. How? You'll want to go back to basics. Write! And in order to keep them on that page and reading your articles, you'll need to ensure that your articles are interesting and most importantly, readable. This article will offer tips on how to turn a dull and bland article into a more interesting piece; how to rewrite your articles with a fresh and more interesting angle; and how to research for fresh and current content to boost your search engine traffic.

Let's say you've written a bunch of articles and want to rewrite them. To begin with, check to see if your previous articles contain outdated information and topics that will not pull in traffic from the search engines at this present time. So instead of re-writing by simply doing a quick clean up job, why not go a little deeper by scouting for hot news websites like Google Hot Trends and pulling related article topics and content from there, and broadening your new piece using a content angle from these hot topics? Then, you should attempt to re-write the article (to the best of your ability) using correct grammar and spelling.

Rewriting Tips: if the previous title lacked oomph, re-title it! And then run a search on to dig up some more facts and some background. Without going too heavy on fact - this isn't an encyclopedia, it's only an article. You'll want your new article to flow well, and most importantly, have your reader come away with something. Take a look at the following example in which a badly written paragraph gets a serious rewrite.

Example of a badly written paragraph:

"Buying gemstones in wholesale need not be a headache. These precious stones have for many years been held in high esteem due to their color, clarity, symbolic meanings and durability. The diamonds, sapphires and rubies all come in many different shapes, hues and sizes. The colors too cannot miss the attention of whoever might come across them. Buying gemstones in wholesale will demand that you get high quality stones from wholesale chains at a price good enough to be lower than the retail prices. The following simple steps will assist you when buying gemstones in wholesale."

My Remarks: Everything about the above paragraph leaves much to be desired. Not only is the grammar bad - it's quite obvious English isn't the writer's first language - but to top it all off, the article lacks purpose. However, whilst looking on the bright side, I managed to pick up a few angles to run with. See how I reconstructed the paragraph below.

Example of the above paragraph rewritten:

"If you could purchase high quality gemstones at wholesale prices, wouldn't that be a relief? The less headache involved in procuring your precious stones the better, right? No-matter what you want to buy, be they diamonds, sapphire, ruby; in all shapes, sizes, colour or clarity, believe it or not, there will be someone, somewhere selling them at a much lower price than you would ever find on the high street. How? Because you can buy them on wholesale... if you know where to look! In this article, I share some simple yet powerful tips to help you buy gemstones on wholesale."

In summary: badly written articles can be quite easily given a fresh look with a new angle that is readable and that draws in the reader to want to find out more. Your first paragraph is the most important, not only because it introduces the article, but because it is intended to help lure your reader in so that they read on to the next paragraph and so forth. Look to Google Hot Trends for fresh angles that are current and weave that into your piece. So the next time you want to liven up a dull article, get creative with the pointers outlined in this article.

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