Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Breaking All of the Rules With Your Writing

This is about hanging out on the skinny branches with your writing and your writing efforts. Now, if you have spent anytime online you know that one of the best ways to get traffic is through search engine optimization.

The formula is pretty simple -

1. Create great content.

2. Create on page optimization.

3. Get links to your site.

4. Support people in commenting on your site.

However, this model is becoming less and less important as we move forward. The search engines are getting smarter and smarter and are picking up when people are gaming the system.

All that is going to matter in the future is 1 and 4, or at least that is where I am putting my money.

This article is not being typed by somebody that I paid and I have paid for a lot of articles in the past. You land on those articles and they are not only useless but they are also not real and are not created with care. This article comes from the heart.

The things that I share are things that matter to me and they are completely real and come from my perspective in the moment. Now, the truth of the matter is that I have no idea if this will work or if this will be worth reading.

Even if people read what I have to say, will it make a difference for them? I really do not know and am not sure. However, what I do believe is that natural expression always wins out in the end.

Now, the truth is that I will not read this article after it is written and I do not even know if the ideas in this article makes sense, but I am imagining the day where I can earn a fulltime living just sharing about the things that I care about.

You see, I can take other ideas and write on a keyword. However, I really do not enjoy doing and do not think that this will make a difference for me or for somebody else.

Who knows, this experiment could be a complete failure but if it is not a complete failure and is a success, then life as we know it will change.

All I do is pull out my laptop whenever I can and I start to rage on the keyboard. I get the sentences out as quickly as I can because there is always another one right behind that is great.

Could I slow down and think through what I am doing? I guess but I have spent too much time (or should I say) wasted too much time thinking.

I am not talking about the deep pondering that causes great results. I am talking about the thinking that takes in circles and back again. That stuff is not fun and really does not make a difference for people.

Break all of the rules with your writing. You may fail and you may not get what you want but you will know that you brought yourself to the game and that is what really matters in the end.

Please start to rage on your keyboard. We can play together.

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