Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tips To Faster Writing

One thing to keep in mind when writing articles is that only about 10% of it is the actual content on your main points and the other 90% is filler words. So essentially in a 400 word article about 40 words are the main or essential points. The other 360 are filler words. Knowing the main points will put you at about having 90% of your article already written. The only work that generally needs to be done is to find and research your main and supporting points. Everything else will be to "fill in the gaps." Even with practice researching your topic you can be done in about 5 or 10 minutes.

How Do You Research a Topic

Well there are any some ways to finding a topic to write about but from my research the best way is to pull your topic and supporting points from multiple sites. You can do this by, heading to any search engine typing in an idea you want to write about, attempt to grab the first 3 or 4 results you get from your search and pull your main and supporting points from there. Once your finished, your about 90% percent finished with your research, the rest is just creating a template that you can use for future use, find 90% percent of filler words and your article is complete. The hardest part of this is getting started and disciplining yourself to write from a template as oppose to all from conscious thought. Mastering this will allow you to write an article in 5 minutes instead of spending hours trying to write your next "compelling" article.

Why People Struggle To Write

For most experienced and novice writers, we often hear the phrase "writers block." It's a state of mind in which we mentally block ourselves from writing because the information we want to put on paper is not there. The best way to get over writers block is to simply write. Write about anything that comes to mind even if it doesn't make sense. Why you ask? Because what will begin to happen is that you'll start to realize that as writers we can't completely depend on conscious thought alone to write. We have to use our intuition and then can we truly have the ability to write compelling articles in about half the time which will save us hours of frustration and it can produce work that we are proud of.

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