Wednesday, January 9, 2013

General Ghostwriting Guidelines

Even if it is not a job that is officially recognized as others are, ghostwriting is a profitable and professional job, which is adopted by a large number of people today. Being a ghostwriter is a matter of passion, as I can tell you from the start that writing a SEO article it is not a job for everyone. It is a combination of creativity, intelligence and determination. You will work with deadlines, you might sometimes have clients that have many pretenses for the money they pay, and you need to be polite with all of them. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of being a ghostwriter, before talking about how you could become one.

Advantages of writing articles for money

1. Stimulates creativity

I don't think that I am smarter since I begun to write articles, but I can tell you that I am more creative. This can be seen in the everyday life also. If you know how to write SEO articles, you will think faster, you will be more creative, and you will gain notions about different fields and industries

2. The advantage of being on your own

If you write articles from home, you won't have any bosses, and you will have the freedom to accept the projects that you want, and to refuse those that are not that appealing. Moreover, you can establish your own schedule, as long as you respect the deadlines.


1. Of course, there are also disadvantages of this job. A SEO article might bring you from 1 to 50 dollars, but the majority of writers can't make a living out of this. I have learned how to write SEO articles three years ago, but I must admit that my financial situation does not allow me to renounce my day job just yet.

2. It is not a constant job. Sometimes, you write SEO articles for 5 clients at the same time, while during other periods, especially during the summer, you won't have ant single SEO article to write. Therefore, if you want to obtain incomes only from content article writing, you will have to develop a good money management strategy, so you would have the necessary resources to live while you don't have work.

Let's see how you can become a quality ghostwriter, and why it is lucrative to have this job.

People access the internet searching for information. If you are passionate about writing, you can offer those services to the websites that offer information to the internet navigators. The advantage is that you don't need academic diplomas and advanced English exams. There is a place for every person that wants to write, and I can tell you that the most hideous article written by a person with limited English notions can be sold online. Of course, we are probably talking about 80 cents / 500 words, but for people writing those poor quality articles, it is a way of living.

I am not saying that I encourage poor content. On the contrary, with the latest engines and restrictions imposed by Google, quality content starts to have a greater importance for SEO than link building and other methods of marketing.

The online market grows as we speak. Articles are needed not only by websites, but also by publishers, newspapers and press companies. Even if you are a beginner, you will have to be patient, as you will surely find some work online.

Start by writing an article of your own. Choose a topic that you like, as it will be your sample article that you need to show to your clients. Read it numerous times, correct it, and make sure it is perfect. If you like this first SEO article, you can write some more, as you would need samples in different niches. I personally like gambling, health, economy, banking, credit, loans, sports, and music, but there are tens of other writing internet niches that are popular.However, you can try other popular niches of your choice.

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