Saturday, January 19, 2013

Preparing Quality Online Content for the Mind Development Topic

As an online article writer I've been truly amazed at which articles Internet readers most enjoy. That is to say which articles I write that draw the most traffic. You must understand that mere "traffic" is not my goal, I like to write about things I like to write about. If that draws more readers online, all the better, but it's really not my priority at all. In fact, I never look at keywords, I just write on the topics that I have knowledge and interest in. This is one of those articles, and I'd like to explain why.

You see, I've learned something that you, as an online article author, may not know, nor did I at first, rather it's something that I've learned the hard way, through trial and error and reviewing some of my past article view statistics. Here is what I've learned; online information seekers are much like channel checkers, they move around the Internet looking for bits and pieces of inspiration, nuance, and interesting information. When they are in this information seeking mode, one of their most favorite topics seems to be self-help categories. Within this sector is a smaller niche; mind development.

This is where the thinkers go, not the folks who follow the paparazzi stories such as "what Paris Hilton ate for breakfast," or any of that jazz. Okay so, let's say you want to reach the more intellectual crowd at a time when they are completely open to new information? Well, it would be when they are out searching for memory or mind development information online. That makes sense right? Now then, how do you prepare quality content on this most fascinating topic? Well, let's talk about that shall we?

I found the people like two different types of article in this venue. Some like the articles which have tips and new strategies for improving memory and brain function, and others enjoy articles that make them think and that really generate some philosophical thought.

If you're going to prepare articles with tips and strategies, such as various types of food to eat to improve brain function, or types of mental exercise to do, then you should prepare those in bulleted lists, or numerated so they can quickly scan the article, and go try out some of those new ideas.

Preparing quality content for the intellectual philosophical crowd on mind development can be done very easily by taking one specific tip for improvement and putting it into a scenario, story, or setting, and then allowing the reader to understand the moral of the story, uptake that information, and make them think about the process. This ladder strategy seems to work quite well, and I am heartened by some of the great e-mails I get after people read such articles of this type. Please consider all this and think on it.

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