Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tips on Effective Article Writing for Beginners

Creating your own blog site is easy (if you're signing up for free on a host site), but thinking of contents that would catch everyone's attention is something. Writing an informative article requires skill. However, if you're that interested in blogging, there are references in the internet regarding article writing tips that would help you enhance your writing skills.

Basically, article writing tips would give you 10 advices on how to make your articles interesting and sound. Before typing your article, it would be best to do an outline first. Your outline must be divided into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Under each part, there would be bullet points on the subtopics. This would help you organize the flow of your article. An outline will also help you avoid redundancy of points to discuss.

Afterwards, you need to give an overview of the topic. An overview includes background, history, and idea of the subject matter. The introduction is usually a short one. You should give all the details in the body.

Proceed now to the body. Follow the order of topics to discuss as what you have listed accordingly in your outline. You have to discuss each point of the subtopics. Remember, everything the readers need to know about the article is found in the body. You're supposed to pour it all here. There is one reminder, though: be straight to the point.

People enjoy reading blogs more than newspapers because of its friendly approach. Since you're writing a blog post, you have to make the readers be put to ease even with serious topics. Treat your blog posting as a conversation between you and your friend. Make it sound casual but essential. However, you have to watch out for incomplete sentences.

If you're going to make use of other sites as a reference, make sure that you state the source correctly. Article writing tips would also require you to be familiar with different styles of source citation. If you're used to the APA style when doing your thesis or research paper, you can use it here.

Be creative in doing your introduction and conclusion. Creativity cannot be taught, but some of the ways you can make your articles interesting is starting or ending it with a quotation from a certain source. Play with words. As for the conclusion, you only need to summarize what you have discussed earlier.

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