Saturday, January 12, 2013

Writing Articles on Self Improvement Topics Considered

There are a tremendous number of online coaches, self-help mentors, and psychologists with a positive displacement writing online articles in the self-help venue. That's all well and good, as it helps those who might be a little depressed with whatever they are going through who need to get out of their funk and into a happy optimistic attitude. You know, sometimes people just need a little boost and pick-me-up to get them going once again. Okay so, let's talk shall we?

Let me tell you something about writing self-improvement articles online. First, I've written quite a few myself, hundreds of them actually - what I found is readers most often respond to these types of articles when you tell a story of hardship and overcoming those adversities. When you show the reader that adversity builds character and they too can overcome their own personal challenges in their own lives, perhaps much different, you are well on your way to a great self-help online article.

It is also very important to help the reader that you, the author, understand what they're going through, and you know there is a light at the end the tunnel, and they can reach it if they will commit to not giving up. One thing I've found in writing articles on self-help topics is that they are actually quite fun to write and they are easy to produce - if you do so when you yourself are in the most positive of attitudes. Those folks that like to write such articles are quite often writers who do occasionally experience at least some depression. It's best of course not to write articles during those depressed times, but rather when the writer is coming into a manic state.

Although I myself am perpetually one with a positive attitude, I can clearly see by the articles I read which articles were not written by authors during their peak periods. Another thing that is quite important is to post these articles on a Tuesday, therefore they will be good and ready in the search engines as the end of the week rolls around when most people are stressed out, and they will also be there on the weekend in case a reader is feeling lonely or depressed.

It makes sense when preparing this type of online content to stay away from too many clich├ęs, although it is okay to help relate with your audience using a common well-known quote or phrase now and again. If you are a self-help coach, psychologist, or someone who wishes to help other people you might very much enjoy this online article authoring venue for your best self-improvement pieces. Please consider all this and think on it.

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